8 billion unique people inhabit this beautiful planet we call earth. As humanity evolved around 3.3 million years ago, humans created a place we now call home to regroup after hunting, to rest, eat, be with family and above all - to survive.

Fast forward millions of years ahead, capitalism arrived in the nineteenth century, an economic system which maximized growth like no other system has before.

This new model, which still rules our existing economic system, dramatically expanded industrialisation and the large-scale availability of mass-market consumer goods and rights. It introduced us to the benefits of technical acceleration and concepts like a private economy, private property, but also social aid programs and public services.

By all means, the current economic system we have is the most optimized for growth and progress as humanity is seeing unprecedented progress ever since on all fronts. However capitalism also introduced an unprecedented competition among humans for the same scarce resources available. 

Because in reality, our resources are limited.

As the price for living increases, the difficulty of finding a safe, stable and future proof home to live in increases. A place where you find serenity and calm in a world that is becoming more complex and hard to navigate through.

We focus on solving the biggest problem that society currently is facing as a by-product of capitalism: housing for reasonable pricing and above all home ownership.

Due to stagnation in salaries and continuous rising house prices homeownership is becoming increasingly unattainable for most people. 
This means being forced to spend the majority of your income on rent, it means being dependent on others, and not being able to create a sustainable investment that your family will benefit from far into the future.

At anyone, we believe living in a home, that is yours, is a human right.

If we do not reverse this course by innovating around housing and changing the way we look at mortgages we have a grim outlook ahead for billions of people around the globe that will not be able to enjoy a decent life.

That’s why we started Anyone.

We believe that a great home is the cornerstone of building a great community. We're working on new ways that accomplish this for the better majority of people to pursue their dream house. Connecting people to a house that really feels like home instead of looking at it as a cold money-making real estate asset.

And a great community means a better environment for all of us. Rethinking home ownership means rethinking how a community is built. This mindset is crucial in order to step up the endeavor to solve one of the biggest issues in modern times, the housing crisis.

Our vision is to enable all layers of society with homeownership, having a dynamic multi-faceted approach to make homeownership a reality again for everyone.

The first three pillars of foundation of our new model are to:

1: Create a cross border, unified market for buying & selling real estate.
2: Introduce the new Anyone mortgage that allows more starters & renters to become homeowners.
3: Engage in real estate asset repositioning to develop reasonably priced starter homes.

We aim to transform the existing real estate industry towards a more social, sustainable ecosystem that improves the quality of life of people.

Join us in our endeavor to make homeownership a basic human right again, accessible to anyone.